SHELLSHOCKED star and oyster artist Mara Haseltine will be part of an online symposium exploring ways to approach water challenges using ART! The International Symposium on Aqua Science, Water Resources and the Arts will be held online from November 3-5 2011. Check out some of Mara’s Oyster art! Oyster Island

Matt and Rachel talk SHELLSHOCKED on Heritage Radio - special parents episode. (37:50 in) 

Plankton “Rock-U-Mentary” by ‘SHELLSHOCKED’ star Mara Haseltine!

Shellshocked - Official Trailer

SHELLSHOCKED follows efforts to prevent the extinction of wild oyster reefs, which keep our oceans healthy by filtering water and engineering ecosystems. Today, because of overfishing and pollution, wild oyster reefs have been declared “the most severely impacted marine habitat on Earth” and are “functionally extinct.” Now scientists, government officials, artists and environmentalists are fighting to bring oysters back to the former oyster capital of the world - New York Harbor. FEATURING Fabien Cousteau, Murray Fisher, Mara Haseltine, Mark Kurlansky, Kyle Bennett, Chester Zarnoch, Jim Lodge, Pete Malinowski, Amy Cradic, Sylvia D’Alessandro and Yvonne Taylor. With music from “The Oyster Aristocracy” by Bob Wright and Harbortown.